Breitling For Bentley Replica Watches Sale

Just received the breitling for bentley replica sale. The second hand does not set back to zero. The second hand ticks between numbers. The date does not change. I understand it's a replica however from reading reviews and doing research I believe a £80 replica should not have these issues? Happy to take it into a watch shop. The second hand ticking between numbers and not setting back to 12. Who would pay this charge? The date we have changed however the button meant for this does not work. The back of the watch face is not in line with the straps. Best 1:1 Swiss made breitling for bentley replica watches. This really is a poor replica, as I have bought a few breitling for bentley replica watches and often review internally and externally. I'm am not happy with the price I have paid nor the response being made. This is not a £83 replica and addition to that I was charged the "credit card" charge. Is it possible to exchange as faulty as website suggests? Or receive a refund or compensation on this purchase? Brilliant, that's paid and I really look forward to receiving the replica breitling for bentley watches.

I made a purchase on your website some months ago. Order number as above and it still has no been delivered to me neither a parcel tracking number has been emailed to me as stated on you website. Would someone be able to let me know when I would be receiving my replica breitling for bentley sale parcel or if anything has gone wrong as you have taken payment already and I haven't received any goods. On your tracking system online it say that EMS attempted to deliver my watch yesterday at 15:48. Which is untrue as I was at home all day and not once did anyone ring my door bell or knock the door neither was there a notification note stating they came to deliver, would they attempt to deliver today? Or is there a contact number I could call? If the delivery driver has that much difficulty he is more than welcome to contact me on this number once he is in the area. That address is correct, I have contacted parcel force and they will contact me shortly regarding the delivery.