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Since you had worked with me on this situation, and we had agreed on a refund of $89, I would like to give you the opportunity to complete our refund agreement. That said, if the $89 is not refunded to my account by Monday, I will contact my bank representative to complete the claim for the full amount against your company. I've just received my second breitling professional replica sale from you and as with the first, I am so pleased with the quality and your excellent service. I will definitely recommend your site to others and hope I can send for a third watch in next few months. Would you please forward your Internet address. I seem to have mislaid it and might want to do business with you again. I was about to order new breitling professional replica watches but the last one I ordered the watch has stopped working. Would you kindly forward details of what I can do now to have you repair it. Please forward details. Buy cheap breitling professional replica watches online. The problem is I can't alter the time! When I try to engage by pulling out the crown it fails to alter the hands no matter what position the crown is in.

Where is my order? It has been over a week since you took the money from my account and 5 days since you emailed me apologising for the delay saying my order will be despatched within 2 days and you will send me a tracking number, 5 days letter still no tracking number! If you could get back to me and let me know what is going on. So why has it not being dispatched yet and how long it's this going to take? That's the exact same watch. I want it sending today and I expect the replica breitling professional sale to be here by the end of the week. I've been waiting over a month now I am getting fed up. I'm not been funny for the past week you have been telling me you are going to send the tracking number out for my item so now you would like a full refund and it back on my account by Friday. Other wise trading standards will be contacted and also the police. I have been as patient as I could possibly be but this is just unacceptable now and I am fed up of waiting for the replica breitling professional watches! I have all the emails and all the payment references saved to my computer.